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Santoor Sahwadan ( Santoor Duet) featuring Dr. Dhananjay & Ninad Daithankar is a unique program which is highly appreciated by both critics & audience worldwide. Disciplined improvisation of the Raag, dialogue between two santoor through rhythmic patterns , intricate laykari are some highlights of this Santoor Jugalbandi . The duo has amazed the audience with their splendid performance in many prestigious music festivals all over the world . Sharing below their latest performance in Kalaa Utsavam - a program curated by the Esplanade , Singapore.

Moods & Melodies is a thematic concept  conceived by Dr. Dhananjay & Ninad Daithankar where two Santoor converse with each other through musical dialogues. In this program , different melodies depicting different Moods & emotions are presented on two Santoor along with tabla, keyboard and side rhythms such as cajon, dholak , Pakhavaj etc. These compositions are applauded by the audience as well as critics.

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